• 57x37mm Thermal Paper Till Roll Compatible with Credit Card Machines

    These are high quality 57 x 37 thermal rolls suitable for PDQ machines. Our thermal paper is manufactured in the UK and meet high industry standards. Buy today for the best price online. 


    • Plastic free, eco friendly 13mm core.
    • For pdq machines
    • Approximate Dimensions: Width - 57mm - Diameter - 37mm
    • Fully compatible with the Ingenico iWL220 Credit Card Machine (Round Back Version)
    • All quantities and dimensions are approximate. Roll diameters may vary slightly.


    These are high-quality rolls for the following terminals listed below:

    Ingenico EFT930, Ingenico EFT 930B, Ingenico EFT 930G, Ingenico EFT 930P, Ingenico EFT 930W

    Ingenico iCT220, Ingenico iCT 250

    Ingenico iWL200, Ingenico iWL 220 Ingenico iWL221, Ingenico iWL222, Ingenico iWL250, Ingenico iWL251, Ingenico iWL252

    Verifone VX670, Verifone VX520, Verifone VX680, Verifone 600

    Able AP1200, Able AP824, Able AP824B, Able AP842, Able AP842B, Able AP860

    Ascom EFT-20P

    Axalto Magic 5100, Axalto Magic X1000, Axalto X100

    Barclays ICT250

    Bixolon SPP-R200, Bixolon SRP-R200

    Cardsave 5100, Cardsave 7780 (Portable), Cardsave 7910 (Mobile), Cardsave iCT250

    Citizen CMP-10/BT

    Elite 710

    Epson S2500THS

    Extech S1500T, Extech S2500TEF, Extech S3500T

    Gemalto Magic 1000, Gemalto Magic 5100

    Magic 5100, Magic X1000

    Matsu-Dionica Omera GSM

    Natwest Streamline Ocius VX670

    Sagem EFT-930G, Sagem Matsu EFT-930-SEM, Sagem Monetel EFT 930-B, Sagem Monetel EFT 930-G, Sagem Monetel EFT 930P, Sagem Monetel EFT 930S, Sagem Monetel EFT 930S-GM, Sagem Monetel EFT 930-W, Sagem R360

    Samsung Bixolon SPP-R200, Samsung Bixolon SRP-R200

    Schlumberger Magic 5100, Schlumberger Magic X1000

    Streamline ICT250, Streamline VX670

    Touchstar Touchpod 57mm.

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