A4 Labels, 210 x 297mm label size, 1 label per sheet

SKU: a4x1q100
The labels are made of paper specially selected in terms of properties to ensure the right color (high whiteness), glue and grammage. We offer a high-quality product at a uniquely attractive price as evidenced by our very satisfied customers.
Label parameters:
Label size: 210 x 297mm
Sheet size: A4 (210 x 297mm)
Number of labels on A4 sheet: 1 piece
Number of labels in the package: 100 pcs
Number of sheets in the package: 100 pcs
Paper color: white
Paper type: matte
Label corners: sharp
ATTENTION, the undercoat (bottom layer) has a special incision, which makes it much easier to separate it from the label before sticking. The label has no cuts and is A4.
The labels proposed by our company have universal application (HIGH-QUALITY PAPER ALSO USED FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF RENOMATED BRAND LABELS). Suitable for all printing devices:
- laser printers,
- inkjet printers,
- copiers,
- dot matrix printers etc.
Examples of universal labels applications:
- addressing envelopes,
- marking goods - e.g. if you are an importer, you can print product descriptions in Polish (technical specifications, ingredients, usage, etc.) at very low cost, which is required when admitting to sale
- organizing e.g. binders, books, floppy disks, CDs / DVDs etc.
- are great for "entertainment" purposes, e.g. labeling of wedding bottles, stickers, advertising, etc.
Our labels provide the possibility of obtaining very legible prints (thanks to them you will get high quality color prints with very good color depth reproduction and color saturation).
    Sheets per pack