Glossy White Labels with Strong Permanent Adhesive, Suitable for Laser Printers,

 Gloss white Self-adhesive 8 Label per A4 sheet 800 sheets

The labels are made of specially selected coated paper so that they are more resistant to external conditions and give an aesthetic appearance and gloss.


We offer you a high quality product at a uniquely attractive price as evidenced by our very satisfied customers.


Label size: 99.1 x 67.7mm

Sheet size: A4 (210 x 297mm)

Number of labels on A4 sheet: 8 pcs

Number of labels in the package: 800 pcs.

Number of sheets in the package: 100 pcs

Paper color: white

Paper type: glossy

Label corners: rounded



The labels proposed by our company have universal application (HIGH-QUALITY PAPER ALSO USED FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF RENOMATED BRAND LABELS). Suitable for all printing devices:

- laser printers,

- copiers,


In general, glossy labels are not intended for printing in inkjet printers due to the fact that the ink is absorbed too intensively, which means that color prints, in particular, do not fully reflect the depth of color and contrast. However, a large group of our clients uses these labels in inkjet printers (mainly with black and white printing) due to their properties and very aesthetic appearance.


Examples of universal labels applications:

- addressing envelopes,
- marking goods - e.g. if you are an importer, you can print product descriptions      in  (technical data, ingredients, usage, etc.), which is required when selling 
- organizing e.g. binders, books, floppy disks, CDs / DVDs etc.
- they are great for "entertainment" purposes, e.g. labeling of wedding bottles, stickers, advertising, etc.

    Sheets per pack