NFC Tags- 22mm Clear NTAG210µ


x20 High Quality  Clear 22mm round NTAG210µ (NTAG210 Micro) NFC tags. The NTAG210µ is a lightweight, low memory chip providing a cost-effective alternative to the NTAG213. Popular for lamination inside labels and packaging.


Product Specification

NFC Chip NTAG210
Interface Specification ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz
Total Memory 48 Bytes
Data Retention 10 years (estimated)
ScanStrength 6
ID Printing Not suitable
Metal Surfaces Not suitable



Label Size 22mm
Antenna Size 20mm
Thickness 0.136 mm
Face Material Clear PET 12 Plastic
QTY: 20units


    • Smart Business Cards

    • Connect/Disconnect Wi-Fi

    • Share Wi-Fi without sharing Password

    • NFC enables loyalty cards

    • Use NFC to Connect Bluetooth Device

    • Emergency Call/Text

    • Downloading information. Advertisers and marketers can use NFC chips in posters and other promotional materials so all you have to do to get more information is tap or wave your phone

    • Messaging (sending emails, SMS)

    • Turn Your Lights On/Off

    • Social media (checking in with the help of Facebook, Google Places and other check-in services; tweeting)

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